PXW-X180 Test report for
9/20 released in 2014 October Issue video SALON.
試用レポート用(ビデオSALON 10月号 2014年 9/20発売)にお借りしました
Teste para Video Salon Magazine. (Setembro 20,2014 estar a venda, edicao de outubro)

詳細はビデオSALON  10月号でレポートします

XAVC-I of the intra-recording (111Mbps),XAVC-L of the LongGOP (50Mbps),
MPEG2-HD from the conventional (50Mbps, 35Mbps), and AVCHD
SD recording in DVCAM codec
Equipped with zoom lens of 25 × optical, the variable ND.

XAVC-I do intra-gravacao (111 Mbps), XAVC-L do LongGOP (50Mbps)
possuem uma grande variedade de formatos MPEG2-HD a partir das convencionais (50Mbps, 35Mbps) e AVCHD.
Gravacao SD codec para DVCAM.
Os novos recursos, Codec e Lente de zoom optico de 25 vezes e um ND variavel.

SONY PXW-X180  2014年 8月下旬発売

予想される小売価格: 580,000円 (税込)程度    Market price   JP Yen 580,000(include TAX)

25x zoom, first in its class.
Switchable AF / MF, of FullMF, that the wide side has also been extended,

Zoom optico de 25 vezes 3.7mm-92.5mm (26mm-650mm)

Dual slots for simultaneous recording.
Proxy SD slot on the right side of camera back.(right side of the timecode terminal, Only X180 ).
Proxy registration network quality. (Maximum 1280 * 720, 9Mbps)
SD slot on the left side of the SxS slot, It's a recording and maintenance of configuration.
Dois slots para gravacao simultanea.
Proxy SD Slot e um lateral direito (lado direito do terminal de codigo de tempo, So X180).
Registro Proxy qualidade da rede. (Um maximo 1280*720, 9Mbps)
Slot SD no lado esquerdo da ranhura SxS para gravacao e manutencao de configuracao.

Breakthrough variable ND filter.
It is adjusting electronically the concentration of the liquid crystal. Bravo !!!
ND variavel  1/4-1/128  21steps  Brava!!!      

Camera left side operation buttons & switchs.

Botoes esquerdo

Large exhaust port on the camera back. Power consumption is as large as 20W.
Grande porta de escape. O consumo de energia 20W

Camera grip. (GPS only X180)

Punho da camara(GPS is X180 Only)

Equipped with a sensor in the viewfinder.
Sensor de Eye of the ocular
E liga o visor, o sensor.

Test term of  2014,August 21-27
2014年 9月 3日
September 3rd, 2014


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